Nagarjuna praised Pawan Kalyan..!!

Tamil hero Karthi’s latest movie ‘Sardar’ is currently ready for release on October 21. A pre-release event of ‘Sardar’ was held yesterday as part of the promotions. King Nagarjuna attended the program as the chief guest. The film is dubbed in Telugu by Nagarjuna himself and is being released by Annapurna Studios

Nagarjuna, who participated in the program, said that he has a good relationship with Karti. He said that he got very close with the movie ‘Oopiri’. He said that Karti has worked very hard to come up and even though his elder brother Surya is a star, he has come up with his own talent and this is not an ordinary thing. He said that he has a good following in Telugu as well as in Tamil.

Also, in the Telugu industry, Pawan Kalyan has also emerged from the megastar image of his elder brother and has grown on his own. He said that he has established a unique style for himself and excelled in his career. He said that now he has millions of fans of his own, such actors are rare. He praised that Karti is also happy to be in it. With that, Pawan Kalyan’s fans are making a fuss on social media with comments.

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