Nani is following Pushpa movie for hit.!

A natural star Nani is a minimum guaranteed hero. Every movie he did was either hit or average. Currently his condition is not good at all. His previous movie Sundarani was released in theaters and was a flop. Currently, the movie Dussehra in which he is playing the hero is under production. This movie is being prepared for release in the month of March next year.

He is trying very hard to make a hit with this movie. As expected, the e-movie business is the most popular in my career. Recently the first song ‘Dhoom Dham Dostana’ was released. This song is getting super response and it is getting tremendous response on social media. Also, the look of heroine Keerthy Suresh, who is acting in this movie, was also released. This also attracted the audience.

Now a group of fans on social media are promoting Allu Arjun starrer Pushpa Chaya in this movie. Just like Allu Arjun, Nani’s beard and shaggy hair look very massy in an old lungi crumpled shirt. Also, Keerthy Suresh’s photo is compared to Rashmika’s role of Srivalli in the movie ‘Pushpa’. In the movie ‘Pushpa’, Rashmika is being trolled as a bride in a yellow saree. If you are looking for a hit, what is this goal?

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