Natural star Nani’s sensational comments on nepotism

Natural star Nani made key comments on nepotism. He said that only those who watch Nepo Kids movies are promoting nepotism. Along with Rana, Nani was present as a guest on the program hosted by singer Smita on Sony Live app. In this program Smita asked them questions about nepotism.

Nani said on this, “Lakh people watched my first film. Ram Charan’s first movie was watched by a million people. Those who see it like that are encouraging nepotism!” he said. On this, Rana said, “The responsibility of upholding the legacy of the parents is on the children. They should be taken to another great level. That’s when the kids win. If they don’t do that, they will have to hear various words from all sides,” he expressed his opinion. We have to wait for the episode to know what both of them said about it. The show will be streaming on Sony Live app.

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