Nayantara: Nayan, Vignesh safe.. Committee report to govt tomorrow

Nayantara: Nayan, Vignesh safe.. Committee report to govt tomorrow

Nayantara: Surrogacy is a hot topic right now. Nayanthara and Vignesh Sivan’s children are being discussed more than the films they have made. Surrogacy is something many people do. But they were born four months after their marriage. It would not have been a dispute if it had been through a normal pregnancy.

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But it came out that it was through surrogacy. There are reports that a case will be registered against both of them and they will be jailed. Surrogacy birth in India means that the parents must have health problems. Medical report is required. Hence it became a controversy. But now there are news that it has been clarified how they had children and the government has given clearance.

If this is the case.. Nayanthara and Vignesh Sivan couple’s child affair investigation is over. Tamil Nadu Health Minister Subramanian has ordered an inquiry into the dispute. The three members of the committee formed on this matter will submit a report to the Tamil Nadu government tomorrow. The committee inquired whether the surrogacy process was done legally.

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Nayanthara and Vignesh recently gave some documents to the Tamil Nadu government. They said that their children were born in Dubai. They said that they are the parents of the children through their friend. It seems that the government has also become silent on this. It is said that it was already known that this would be a dispute, that is why all the documents were prepared. While surrogacy process is banned in India. The government agreed with certain conditions.

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