Nayanthara vs Malavika: The cold war of star heroines that are making waves.. Malavika gave clarity about ‘Lady Superstar’.. | Malavika Mohanan clarifies her comments about Lady Superstar and says she respects and admires Nayanthara

Malayali beauty star Malavika.. and Tamil actress Nayana star.. there is an ego issue between the two. Malvika Mohan is called Lady Superstar as part of her new movie ‘Christy’ promotions..

Nayanthara vs Malavika Mohanan: The cold war between Nayanthara – Malavika Mohan has now become a hot topic in both Kollywood and Mollywood. Malayali beauty star Malavika.. and Tamil actress Nayana star.. there is an ego issue between the two. In an interview given to a Malayali channel as part of the promotions of her new movie ‘Christi’, Malvika Mohan said that she does not like being called ‘Lady Superstar’ and wants heroines to be described as superstars just like heroes. They commented that Nayantharani is a lady superstar.. Only a superstar is enough.

But what is the inner meaning of Malavika’s mind.. These comments have angered Nayanthara’s fans. Lady superstar Nayanthara’s fans are on fire against Malayalam beauty Malavika Mohan on these comments. They made a lot of noise by posting posts on social media. However, there were also old quarrels between the two. In the past, Malavika has indirectly made controversial comments about Nayanthara. Malvika commented that she had seen a Lady Superstar movie and she was in full make-up in the hospital scene. She was shocked to see that scene.

Reacting to Malavika’s comments, Nayanthara said that I did what the director said. Malavika replied that there is a big difference between a commercial film and a realistic film. Heroines in commercial movies are a bit glamorous in any scene. In realistic films they have to change according to the scene. Malavika boldly countered that some people wanted to know that. Before the quarrel was settled, another new dispute broke out between the two. That is what has made Nayanthara’s fans furious.

Malavika Mohan, who came down as the controversy was getting bigger, said that she used that word to refer to all the actresses but Nayanthara was not referring to anyone. I like Nayanthara a lot and consider her as a senior.

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