New controversy in Indian cricket .. Ravi Shastri hails the spinner as number one .. Ashwin is ready to retire in anger ..! | Ravichandran Ashwin vs Ravi Shastri: Ashwin reveals Between 2018 and 2020, I contemplated giving up the sport at various points

Ravichandran Ashwin vs Ravi Shastri: Three years ago, did Ashwin suddenly want to retire from cricket?

New controversy in Indian cricket .. Ravi Shastri hails the spinner as number one .. Ashwin is ready to retire in anger ..!

Ind Vs Sa Ashwin

Ravichandran Ashwin vs Ravi Shastri: The cricket controversy between Virat Kohli and the BCCI is not over yet. Meanwhile a new controversy began. India spinner Ravichandran Ashwin has questioned former coach Ravi Shastri over the old statement. Shastri has named Kuldeep Yadav as the number one spinner in the 2018 Australia series. Currently, Ashwin regrets the statement. Ashwin said, “I was ignored during the 2018 tour. Then it seemed to crush me well. It felt like someone had thrown me under the bus. Then I was left alone from the team. With this it sometimes seemed as if he had decided to retire.

Praise for Kuldeep during his tour of Australia ..
Kuldeep Yadav took 5 wickets in the first innings of the 2018 tour of the Sydney Test. Afterwards Shastri said .. India will become the number one spinner abroad. There will be time for everyone. ‘ It was also reported that after the Kuldeep performance, Ashwin was made to bowl only on Indian pitches.

Shastri said that he was in a lot of trouble with the statement and in a single moment everything turned upside down. Ashwin, who took 427 wickets in Tests, said in an interview with ESPN Cricinfo: “I have a lot of respect for Ravi Bhai. I believe we can say a few things and take them back. But in that one moment my mind was completely broken. I was glad for the Kuldeep‌ show. I could not even take 5 wickets in an innings. But, he succeeded. I know. This is a great achievement, “said Ashwin.

“It’s just as exciting to win in Australia. But, I felt I could not do well on foreign soil. I was left alone. So how do I get team pleasure? I went to my room and talked to my wife. My kids were there too. Then we put such things aside. I also went to the party because we were finally together. We won the big series. ”

I was out of breath while bowling. And then I thought about retirement. Ashwin said, “I started thinking about retirement from cricket. I thought there was a time between 2018 and 2020. I’ve trying so hard. But, did not succeed. Tried. More difficult things have come. ‘

‘I did nothing less. I have won many matches. Why still I do not have that support. However, I am not one of them to think that people should come and help me. I wanted him not to misunderstand my intentions. Of course it turned out that I was fired from the team. According to the Indian off-spinner, it was time for him to do something different and excel at it.

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