new questions new ideas important questions answers

new questions new ideas important questions answers

New Questions and Ideas Important Questions Answers – New questions We are taught about new ideas from class 6th school itself. Today in all competition examinations also new questions are frequently asked about new ideas. So the student should be aware of new questions and new ideas. New questions Information about the new idea is also necessary for our general knowledge. Therefore, the candidates who are looking for the questions of reproduction in animals, they can find them in this post. new questions new ideas questions answers are given, which are asked every time in the examination. So read them carefully, it will be beneficial for you.

New Questions New Ideas Very Short Answer Type Questions

Question 1. Who was the founder of Buddhism?

Answer. Gautam buddha.

Question 2. When was Gautam Buddha born?

Answer. About 2500 years ago today.

Question 3. To which caste did Gautam Buddha belong?

Answer. Kshatriya.

Question 4. In which Gana Gautam Buddha was born?

Answer. In the Shakya group.

Question 5. At which place did Gautam Buddha do severe penance to attain enlightenment?

Answer. in Gaya (Bihar).

Question 6. Under which tree did Gautam Buddha attain enlightenment?

Answer. Ficus religiosa.

Question 7. Where did Gautam Buddha give his first sermon?

Answer. in Sarnath.

Question 8. Where was Anagha going?

Answer. Was going on a trip to Varanasi on behalf of the school.

Question 9. What did Anagha’s mother ask the teacher to show the children?

Answer. Sarnath.

Question 10. At which place did Gautam Buddha died?

Answer. in Kushinagar.

Question 11. Anagha’s mother wanted her daughter to know about whose life?

Answer. About the life of Gautam Buddha.

Question 12. What did Gautam Buddha consider human life to be full of?

Answer. from pains and sorrows.

Question 13. According to Gautam Buddha, what is the cause of the sufferings and sorrows of life?

Answer. Man’s desires and longings.

Question 14. According to Gautam Buddha, by adopting what can one get rid of longing?

Answer. Having self-restraint.

Question 15. In which language did Gautam Buddha teach people?

Answer. In Prakrit language.

Question 16. In which language were the Vedas composed?

Answer. in Sanskrit language.

Question 17. Who died in the family of Kisagotami?

Answer. Kisagotami’s son.

Question 18. What did the Buddha ask Kisagotami to do in return for the life of his son?

Answer. Buddha asked him to bring a handful of mustard seeds.

Question 19. From whose house did Buddha ask Kisagotami to bring a handful of mustard seeds?

Answer. In whose house no one has ever died.

Question 20. The thinkers of the Upanishads wanted to know about the usefulness of which thing?

Answer. Utility of Yagyas.

Question 21. What is the literal meaning of Upanishads?

Answer. Sitting near the Guru.

Question 22. Who composed the grammar of Sanskrit language?

Answer. by Panini.

Question 23. Who founded Jainism?

Answer. Vardhaman Mahavir.

Question 24. When was Jainism established?

Answer. About 2500 years ago today.

Question 25. With which Sangh was Vardhman Mahavir related?

Answer. From Vajji Sangha.

Question 26. At what age did Vardhman Mahavir leave the house?

Answer. At the age of 30.

Question 27. Which rules were strictly followed by Vardhaman Mahavira?

Answer. of the rules of non-violence.

Question 28. In which language did Vardhaman Mahavira give his education?

Answer. In Prakrit language.

Question 29. The word Jain is derived from the word ‘Jin’, what does ‘Jin’ mean?

Answer. the winner.

Question 30. Which class mainly supported Jainism?

Answer. The merchant class

Question 31. Which is the main text of Buddhism?

Answer. Vinayapitaka.

Question 32. What was the Sangh called?

Answer. The place where bhikkhus and bhikkhunis who left their homes to gain knowledge lived.

Question 33. What were Viharas?

Answer. They were temporary residences or hill cave dwellings in which Buddhist bhikkhus stayed during the rainy season during religious preaching trips.

Question 34. In which country was the Zarathustra religion established?

Answer. in Iran.

Question 35. Which is the main text of Zarathustra religion?

Answer. Zend-Avesta.

Question 36. What are the followers of Zarathustra religion who settled in India called?

Answer. Parsiya.

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