Nithin: Diwali is a double whammy.. That hero’s luck is not normal

Nithin: Diwali is a double whammy.. That hero's luck is not normal

Nithin : Diwali bumper offer.. Buy one get one free.. One must be very lucky to hear double bang good news at the same time. That luck befell our Telugu hero Nithin. S Yes and now Nitin’s house celebrations have started. The biggest reason for that is that Nitin is going to be a father. According to the news going viral on Yes social media, our Telugu hero Nitin is going to become a father. His fans are eagerly waiting for the good news of Nitin who has married his girlfriend. It seems that moment has finally arrived. According to the recent information, Nitin is going to be a father. Shalini is currently pregnant and leaked to the news media.

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Moreover, another good news here is that Nitin’s dream project house, which he has been waiting for ever, has also been okayed. It is said that Nitin has been eagerly waiting for this dream house since before marriage to Shali. Due to some obstacles, this project has been delayed. However, a news has gone viral on social media saying that Nitin’s home celebrations are going wild as their dream house project is finally finalized and the pregnancy is confirmed.

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Currently there is a talk that Nitin Vakkantham is going to act in a movie under the direction of Vamsi.. It remains to be seen when the shooting of this movie will start. It is known that Vakkantham Vamsi’s first career film ‘Na Parama Surya Na Illu India’ was a disaster at the box office. Hero Nitin is taking slow steps in his career.

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