Nithya Menon: Nithya Menon is troubling the directors

Nithya Menon: Nithya Menon is troubling the directors

Nithya Menon: Nithya Menon won the audience’s admiration by choosing roles that are close to naturalness. Due to this, he got name and reputation by doing southern films. She is flattering by acting as a singer and as a heroine. Full justice is done to any role played. That dedication earned her a national award. There is a rumor that such Nithya Menon is troubling the directors recently.

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Why is this seller not giving a chance to meet the directors, even if they give opportunities? The same thing is doing the rounds in Kollywood now. On inquiring as to the real reason, it was found that Nitya had placed the call sheets in a popular Bollywood company. This means that it is not easy to meet the organization for regular call sheets. This is the information that Nitya is troubling them like this. We need to know why Nithya Menon did it.

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If this news is like this.. For the last few days there have been reports that Nithya Menon will marry a Malayalam actor. Rumor has it that they have been seeing each other for a while and have decided to take the relationship to the next level. Nithya Menon immediately reacted to these rumours. She says that she will not marry anyone. She clarified that there is no truth in these reports that she is not in a relationship with anyone. She said that she is currently focusing on her career. She was recently seen in the web anthology Modern Love Hyderabad airing on Amazon Prime Video. Nitya is also playing a key role in Dhanush’s upcoming film.

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