Once again director Vignesh Sivan posted a sensational post..!!

It is known that the controversy started when the couple of heroine Nayanthara and director Vignesh Sivan shared their happiness on social media saying that they had recently given birth to twins. Since then the circle started that the Nayan couple violated the laws and followed the surrogacy procedure. Netizens and celebrities have commented on this. When the Tamil Nadu government sought an explanation on this, the couple recently gave an explanation with sufficient evidence. However, the discussions are still going on.

Meanwhile, Vignesh’s latest post on Instagram is not clear to the people. Currently, it is going viral on social media. In the e-mail, Vignesh posted a quote shared by a producer saying, ‘If the way we see is good, we see only good in everything’. In another post. ‘All days in our lives are not the same, but even the most annoying days in life are sometimes good for us. Try to see the good in everything. Take everything in favor of that. It is written that happiness in your life depends on our thoughts.

Many people don’t understand who it is targeted and written. But it seems from these posts that both Nayantara and director Vignesh Sivan are suffering because the controversy is being publicized more than the joy of the birth of children. Also, there is a post saying “Leave us from this circle”. Let’s wish the dispute to be over and the couple to be happy and the children to have a good future.

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