Ori Devuda: Vishwak Sen’s comedy with classy elements.. ‘Ori Devuda’ Twitter Review

Ori Devuda

Ori Devuda: Hero Vishvak Sen is making movies by choosing different stories. Recently, with class elements.. he selected a different subject and made the movie Ori Devawa. Mithila Palkar and Asha Bhatt acted as heroines. Victory Venkatesh appeared as God in the film. Aswath Marimuthu, who directed the Tamil version, directed the Telugu version as well. The movie is releasing today (October 21) as a Diwali gift.

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Vishvak chooses stories that connect with the youth and makes films. Vishvak Sen, who made his debut as a hero in the movie Ee Nagari Emelai, has given good hits to his credit with films like Falak Nama Das, Hit, Paaghal, Arjuna Kalyanam in Ashokavanam. It is a remake of Tamil blockbuster ‘O My Kadavule’. Vijay Sethupathi’s role of God in Tamil is being played by Victory Venkatesh in Telugu. Venkatesh played a pivotal role as a stylish lawyer.

Arjun Durgaraj (Vishwak Sen) and Anu Palraj (Mithila Palkar) get married. But, years after the marriage, due to misunderstandings, both of them go to court to separate. But.. But what twists and turns did the story of those who wanted to break up. How did God solve their problem? ‘Ori Devava’ is an entertaining film set in the background.

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The US audience says that the first half of Oridevuda was entertaining with a fun ride. The interval increased interest in the bang second half. It is also said that director Puri Jagannath made a surprise appearance in a guest role. It is said that ‘Ori Devawa’ has been a fun ride by mixing fantasy with entertainment. But with Tollywood PRO Vamsi Kaka acting as a co-producer for this film, celebrities are buzzing with tweets on Twitter. They are tweeting promoting the movie ‘Ori Devawa’.

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