Pawan Kalyan is a megastar as a big fan.. what about the fans..?

There is no need to say anything special about Megastar Chiranjeevi, who came from the Konidela family and built his family into a mega family. After him, Power Star Pawan Kalyan gained popularity in the same range. Both of them are getting good reception not only in movies but also among people. Recently, the news that Pawan Kalyan is going to be seen as a megastar is going viral. And it has become doubtful whether the fans will agree on this matter or not.

Coming to the actual matter.. After two consecutive disaster movies, Megastar Chiranjeevi broke industry records this year with Waltheru Veeraiya and collected around Rs. It is known that more than 140 crores of shares have been collected. Even the fans did not expect that this range will come back from Chiranjeevi. After such a blockbuster, Chiranjeevi’s film Bholashankar is going to be a remake of this super hit Tamil film Vedalanki starring Ajith as the hero.

The first look of this movie directed by Mehr Ramesh has been released and it has received a response in such a range that it seems that there is no problem. But a latest update related to this movie has now become more viral on social media.. It is reported that Megastar Chiranjeevi is going to be seen as a fan of Pawan Kalyan in this movie.. Moreover, there are reports that the popular waist scene from Pawan Kalyan’s industry hit Khushi has been recreated in this movie.. Can the fans tolerate a Megastar level person doing something like this? The comments are being heard strongly on social media.

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