Pawan Kalyan: Pawan Kalyan’s big twist.. fans in despair..?

Pawan Kalyan: Pawan Kalyan's big twist.. fans in despair..?

Pawan Kalyan: Power star Pawan Kalyan is busy with movies on one side and politics on the other. He is doing films now and then and is focusing more on politics. There is no need to say how much of a sensation Pawan’s speech recently created in Mangalagiri. Keeping Pawan’s politics aside, there are reports that the director has given a big twist to Krish. The real thing is that recently Pawan participated in the shooting of Hariharaveeramallu directed by Krish. It is said that almost 70% shooting of this film has been completed so far.

Along with this movie, Pawan has also given dates for the remake of Vinodaya Seetha.. This movie will be released in November. Still 30% of Hariharaveeramallu’s shooting is left.. After stopping this movie.. Pawan will participate in the remake shooting. Because only 20 days of Pawan’s shooting is enough for this.. After this, Pawan is in the program of starting a bus trip.. So the news is that Hariharaveeramallu has been postponed again. Fans are once again disappointed after hearing this news. The fans are in doubt as to when this movie is going to be completed.. when is it going to be released.. And how much truth there is in this should be known.

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