Pawan will marry thirty if not three, what’s wrong with you.. Kakinada Shyamala

Tollywood actress Kakinada Shyamala recently reacted to Pawan Kalyan’s marriage. Everyone is wrong to criticize Pawan for three marriages. Besides, he made many interesting comments on the politics of Andhra Pradesh..Senior actress Kakinada Shyamala Pawan Kalyan strongly reacted to the criticisms coming on the three marriages. In the current situation, if Andhra Pradesh is to improve, Chandrababu should come to power, but Pawan Kalyan said that there will be more benefits if he joins Chandrababu. He also said that Pawan Kalyan is a person who has no impurities in his mind and speaks directly whatever he says. If you want to criticize Pawan Kalyan for having three marriages, then those who criticize should have four.

He said that Pawan Kalyan did justice to everyone and got married three times and did not do injustice to anyone. He questioned that it is his personal matter that he will marry 30 if not three, forgetting all the good in him and targeting only this matter. He said that if he does anything bad in politics, he should criticize Pawan Kalyan but no one has the right to question his personal life. Kakinada Shyamala also said that Rajinikanth will tell you to take the money given to vote during the election but vote only for those you like.

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