Please.. stop bad publicity about me.. Upasana..

Mega Kodalu Upasana said that some people are spreading negativity about her.. This matter hurts her a lot. Please stop doing this even now. It must be said that Upasana has a good personality even though she is the chairman of Apollo Hospital and the wife of a star hero. Mega Kodalu seems to be speaking in a way that understands everything. Also, during the wedding, he ignored many comments on him and moved forward positively. He has earned a good name with his personality and seems to be a great human being..

The Mega family also raises upasana to the sky from time to time. Upasana, who is always seen with a positive mind, recently put a request on social media. Please stop doing this. Everyone says that he was born with a golden phone and that’s why he grew up without knowing any difficulties, but he said that he worked hard to reach this level. He reminded that his parents had worked hard to bring Apollo to that level. He said that not only did they spend their professional life without rest, but they also got used to the same personality. He said that he wants to bring up his children the same way.

Upasana, who is currently the chairman of Apollo Corporation, is also working as the editor of B Positive magazine. They take the lead in making people aware of everything. They try to tell people about any matter without making a face. He used to say that he never took a day off despite having a multi-billion dollar empire behind him. So far, they say that they have been doing things without a moment’s leisure and fulfilling their family responsibilities. But it is not a matter of having so many crores of empire but it is a difficult task to run it properly.. But many people think that Upasana was born with a golden spoon and grew up without any problems and later became the daughter-in-law of a mega family and now she is more classy. But they wanted to recognize that there is many years of difficulty behind this. He also said that there is still bad publicity against him.

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