Pooja Hegde: Doll’s leg injured.. Mahesh fans are worried

Pooja Hegde: Doll's leg injured.. Mahesh fans are worried

Pooja Hegde: Beauty Pooja Hegde sang by Allu Arjun, “My eyes that see your legs.” Pooja’s legs became very famous from the time that song came out. Recently, Pooja posted on social media that she had injured her leg, and fans started asking what happened to Pooja’s leg. Currently, Pooja is busy with a series of films. Ammadu is busy acting opposite star heroes in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi languages. This beauty, who recently enjoyed a vacation, recently participated in the shooting of a Hindi film opposite Salman. It seems that this blow has been done before. Pooja did not say how she got this blow, but it is understood that she will take rest for a few days as the leg ligament is torn.

Was he actually hit in the leg during the shooting? Or did it happen somewhere else? It is to be known. Looking at her leg injury, it seems that she was not hit that hard. It seems that there is no need to postpone any shootings. Mahesh’s fans are holding their breath. Because Mahesh’s mother Indira Devi passed away recently, the shooting was delayed for a few days. Again, due to Pooja Kali’s injury, the shooting will be canceled for a few more days..? Mahesh’s fans are afraid. However, within minutes of this post, the news of Pooja’s injury went viral on social media. Fans wish Pooja a speedy recovery.

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