Pooja Hegde, who is compromising on that matter.. Will it succeed..?

There is nothing special to say about Pooja Hegde, the Bollywood cutie who combines beauty and acting. She was introduced to the Telugu screen with the movie Mukunda and impressed the audience with her first movie. Moreover, the boy is also entertaining the car by acting in item songs from movies like Rangasthalam.. Generally, cinema is like a lottery. It is difficult to say what will be a hit and what will be a bust.. If a movie is a hit, the remuneration of the hero will be increased. But if the movie flops, the remuneration is reduced. The reason for that is their stardom.

But for heroines, there is a big difference in terms of remuneration. Because if there are consecutive flops, the heroines will also have to reduce their remuneration. Recently, Pooja Hegde is also facing the same situation. Since last year, three films have turned out to be a disaster, so even the golden leg has turned into an iron leg. Currently, she is acting only in Trivikram Mahesh Babu’s combination movie. On the other hand, she is acting in a Hindi movie called Kisika Bhai Kisika Jaan opposite Salman Khan.

These two films are getting ready for release, otherwise who can’t say what will be the result of these. In the meantime, the producers are saying that Pooja Hegde should agree to one condition that if she does not give information that she is struggling to line up new films, Pooja Hegde should get new opportunities. Due to the series of flops, the offers are not coming. It is reported that the producers are demanding a reduction of 50 lakhs. Let’s see if there will be a compromise.

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