Prabhas- Billa Movie: Billa re-released in theaters.

Prabhas, Praseedha

Pan India star Prabhas’ birthday is buzzing in Telugu states. It is known that the darling fans have been celebrating for two days already. In this order, the makers have re-released Billa’s film in two states on the occasion of Darling’s birthday. With this, the fans at the theaters rioted. Simultaneously, a fire broke out in front of the screen after fireworks were set off inside the theater. Fans were buzzing in more theaters. Recently, on Sunday afternoon, Billa film was re-released at Sudarshan Theater in RTC Cross Road, Hyderabad. Krishnamraj’s elder daughter Prabhas’ younger sister Praseeda attended to watch this movie. Nni Billa watched the movie sitting among the fans.

Fans are enjoying watching the movie Billa.. Once again Prabhas, Krishnan Raju together on screen got emotional saying that they are happy. Praseeda said.. ” Happy to rerelease the movie Billa on the occasion of my brother’s birthday. After many days, I am very happy to see my father and elder brother again on the screen. We enjoyed the movie very much. We felt emotional when we saw the fans enjoying it,” he said. After cutting the cake at the theater, Prabhas thanked the fans.

However, director Mohar Ramesh recently said that on the occasion of Prabhas’s birthday, Billa was re-released and Krishnamraj was invited as the chief guest. It is known that senior actor Krishnam Raju, who has been suffering from health problems for the past few days, died on September 11.

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