Prabhas: Bollywood conspiracy to trample Prabhas.. Verma’s sensational comments

Prabhas: Bollywood conspiracy to trample Prabhas.. Verma's sensational comments

Prabhas: Day by day Tollywood is increasing its level. It is well known that they are doing it at the Pan India level and making the rest of the industry a no-brainer. Especially after winning over Bollywood, Tollywood raised the bar for success. It is true that Bollywood is superior to Tollywood. But in this background, there are rumors that Bollywood is plotting to trample Tollywood. They are saying that Prabhas is being used as a weapon and some people are plotting against Prabhas. And there are allegations that they are the reason behind the trolls on the recently released teaser of Adipurush, that a Mumbai agency is giving money to memers and trollers and trolling them. Recently, veteran director Ram Gopal Varma made sensational comments on these allegations.

“I have never heard a bigger joke in my life. Bollywood is a media created label..but the real truth is that there is a producer. What does he think as a businessman.. He wants to make a movie with a star hero.. Prabhas who got success with Baahubali earlier. He has nothing to do with the rest of the industry. There is a producer named Dil Raju in Tollywood.. There may be another producer named Subbaraju.. If both of them meet, it won’t be Tollywood.. In the end, a producer will see how much money he gets, but the context of let’s trample anyone, let’s ride him doesn’t work out at all. An example of that.. Balasubramaniam sang a song in the movie Maine Pyaar Kiya (Love Pigeons). He was a Telugu singer at that time.. But what did that director think? He thought that if he followed the song with him, the music would work out. He is getting money with that music. That’s why he sang. Moreover, it does not mean that Balasubramaniam should be transferred from Telugu to Hindi. They are doing it because they are making money.. All of them are interested in making money. Also now Prabhas.. their interest is how much money an actor named Prabhas is generating.. but someone coming from South and trampling him is the media’s investment point.. I don’t really agree with that.

And if memes and trolls are being paid to trample Prabhas, what is their business? What is the use of them doing that.. ok let’s talk about Adipurush.. except Prabhas all the rest are Bollywood people.. what does that director think. He expects me to become the biggest director in India. He wants to say that his film has become a super hit. He wants Prabhas to make a bigger hit than Rajamouli, but let’s sacrifice my name and make a flop..because who wants to sacrifice my career for the sake of Bollywood prestige..? You think all these things, but they are not all there,” he said. Currently, Ram Gopal Varma’s comments have gone viral.


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