Prabhas: In that matter Prabhas too.. it would have been better if he showed some initiative

Krishna Rajus Last Wish Pra

Prabhas Pan Indian Hero..! A hero with crores of fans..! The hero who is making films without leisure to entertain them..! But above all he is a responsible son. An heir to carry their lineage forward. Rebel star Krishnam Raju felt the same. He brought up his younger son as his son. Wanted to get married soon. What a lot of relationships to think. Prabhas wanted to remove the most eligible bachelor tag quickly. He did not want to play with the children born to Prabhas. Wanted to see their growth. That was his last wish. He felt that if that was over, his responsibility would be over. He has spoken in many interviews that his son Prabhas will take care of everything else.

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