Prabhas: With the death of Krishnam Raju, the responsibility is Prabhas

Prabhas Big Responsibility

The death of a person is not a real matter for that dead person. But it is a big hell for those who trust that person.. look after that person.. and depend on him. Not only hell.. a painful memory. An atrocity that haunts us. But with the death of rebel star Krishnam Raju.. this is what is happening in Prabhas family..! On one side the pain of the death of elder Baji… on the other side Kannamma.. thinking about the condition of the children.. Another new responsibility on Verasi Prabhas. S! With the death of Krishnam Raju, a new responsibility fell on Prabhas. The responsibility of taking care of King Krishna’s three daughters fell on him. Not only to see their well-being.. He has the big task of getting them married.

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