Pragathi: I am beautiful.. I will act with Rajini and Kamal.. not with them.


Pragathi: Pragathi is one of the actresses who is known as Tollywood character artist. She appeared in the role of aunt and mother to the star heroes. Pragathi is as soft as she is in the movie, but as rough as she is in real life. She is very active on social media. Pragathi, who has been giving a series of interviews recently, appeared in another interview. And in this interview she shared many interesting things.

Pragathi also acted as a heroine in the beginning, but she appeared in very few films. When the same thing was mentioned in the interview, she gave a shocking answer and shocked everyone. She said that why have you not done more films as the heroine.. I will do it with Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan as the heroine.. I told the director himself that I will not do it with them To the question of being a mother to heroes and competing with glamour, she said, “No matter what, I am beautiful. I will get films. If beauty is a factor.” Now this promo has gone viral. Let’s see how much more interesting things she tells in the full interview.

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