Pragathi: Is that the reason for ruining career as a heroine..?

It can be said that Pragati has become more popular in recent times. Pragati, who participated in a recent interview, revealed many interesting facts. It has been informed that there are many reasons behind casting mothers in the roles of heroes and heroines. Especially since she was only 24 years old, she said that she felt very sad to act as a mother to heroines of the same age as her. Now let’s know the complete details about them.

Pragati revealed that she has a good relationship with senior actor Chandramohan’s family. Chandramohan’s wife, I used to call her aunty, but she had to play Chandramohan’s wife in the movies. Pragati revealed that she faced many insults even during the shooting sets. Especially at a young age, if you go to the set looking pretty and ready, some people say straight words. They used to make comments saying that she who plays the role of a mother needs so much. Every time Pragati hears those words, she is very hurt and goes to the make-up room to cry.

She says that she left as the heroine due to differences with the director in the matter of costumes. Pragathi said that when she was supposed to do a song in the rain with the hero, she felt very embarrassed when she saw her costumes and told the director that I had sung in those costumes. With that, she informed that her heroine career is over.

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