Pragathi: Looking at that kind of thing.. Aunty means that I will not sit still


Pragathi: Tollywood actress Pragathi needs no special mention. Itupakka, who is currently busy with the roles of aunt and mother in Tollywood, is also shining in television shows. Pragathi, who is fully active on social media, revealed her feelings in an interview recently. She talked about the hardships she faced since childhood and the mistakes she made. She said that if her father died when she was young, her life went on with her mother, and at an unknown age, the heroine’s chances fell into the ditch. He said that he made another mistake by getting married at the age of 20. Babu Puttaka said that she realized what she had done wrong.

She said that she was ready to play the roles of a mother at the age of 24, and that she was pleased to be a mother to someone who was older than her. She also said that she doesn’t like some people calling her aunty, but if they call her mom in aunty’s place, she will say it. ” The word aunty sounds wrong. Some people call me aunty in a sadistic way. “It is not wrong if children, my son’s age, call me aunty.. but I don’t like it if they call me aunty in a kind of mocking manner,” she said.

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