Pragati revealed his secrets..!!

It is known that actress Pragathi, who is a senior actress character artist, is currently busy in movies as a character artist. As she is getting older, she is entertaining everyone by increasing her glamour. His dances to mass beat songs, as well as his workout videos in the gym are making waves on social media. Recently, during an interview on a popular channel, she revealed many interesting things about herself.

As part of this, she revealed the secret about the tattoo on her shoulder that made her stand out from everyone else. The vaccination given to me as a child became septic. With that it was made like a big burn. While thinking about what to do, one day she saw other people getting tattooed and told me that I also got tattooed. And now this tattoo has given me a special identity.

Also, while giving an explanation about the matter of being a rebel in the industry, I am not saddened by what happened. It hurts me if it’s in my mind. That is why I will immediately answer those who hurt me. If you don’t respond like that, I won’t be able to sleep. That’s why many people think I’m a rebel

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