Pragati: Those days I was very tired..!!

It is known that actress Pragathi, who is a senior actress character artist, is currently hitting a range in movies and social media. As the age increases, the beauty increases and surprises everyone. His dances to mass songs and his workout videos in the gym are becoming viral on social media. Recently, during an interview on a popular channel, she revealed many interesting things about herself and movies.

She told about the incident that happened at that time that she was very proud when she was at a young age. , while making that film, said to do a rain song. I said ok. Tira had a fight with them when they asked me to wear clothes that I didn’t like. Then, being at a young age, I shouted at them and went home from the shoot. With that, the entire unit came and tried to convince me.

I said that I will act only if the clothes are comfortable for me, otherwise I will not act. Also, I will act in the movies of star heroes like Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan but I will not act next to such small heroes. She told me that she will give me the due money and complete the shooting in three days. But when I think about it now, I feel like I spoke so stupidly, and regretted my words.

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