Praveen Paruchuri: ‘Caraf Kancherapalem’ producer Praveen’s new film with another different concept!

Praveen Paruchuri: 'Caraf Kancherapalem' producer Praveen's new film with another different concept!

Praveen Paruchuri: Praveen Paruchuri, who gained fame as a producer with the films ‘Keraf Kancherapalem’ and ‘Uma Maheswara Ugrarupasya’, has started his third film. The details of the technical experts of the actors of this film, which is undergoing pre-production works, will be known soon. Films made with Kathe as the hero are always successful. Producer Praveena Paruchuri is producing films in the same style. Being a Telugu girl, Praveena has settled in America and has been doing films in Telugu consecutively with her love for Telugu cinema and language. Moreover… she is showing her ability as an actress.

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Praveena Paruchuri, who is anchoring new talented and producing films, is currently working on her third film. A new director is going to be introduced through this movie. Praveena Paruchuri is soon going to announce the audition for the third film she is going to produce. He is going to come up with another different concept movie similar to his previous films.
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