Pre Release: ‘Looking at you’ says love has no defeat

Pre Release: 'Looking at you' says love has no defeat

Ninne Chusthu Pre Release Event Held At Prasad Labs: ‘Ninne Chusthu’ directed by K. Govardhana Rao starring Srikanth Gurram and Bujji as heroines. Heroine Pothireddy Hemalatha Redde is producing this movie. Raman Rathore’s music has been composed for the songs of the film, which are already receiving great response from the audience, the producer said. On the occasion of the release of this movie on 27th of this month, a pre-release event was held at Prasad Lab. Senior actors Suman, Film Chamber President Basireddy, producer Ramasathyanarayana and others were present as chief guests.

Film Chamber President Basireddy said, I came to support this movie after Suman Garu told me about the film’s heroine and producer Hemalatha Reddy. After watching the trailer and songs, I came to know why Suman said about Hemalatha Reddy, which was made with good quality in the range of big movies. The songs of this movie were also shot in foreign locations. There is a need for small films to come into the industry. Film Chamber always supports them,” he said. Actor Suman said, “I grew up as a hero from small films. I learned acting and dancing here. Actress and producer Hemalatha Reddy is a very young and dynamic lady. She made a very good deal as a producer while acting in the film with big artists like Suhasini and Bhanuchander. In this film, she did all her dialogues in a single take, and as a producer and actor, she looked like a ring master in a circus and the shooting was successful. Since the beginning of the film till now, the film has been made without any compromise in terms of artistes, promotion or budget to get a good output. I sincerely want this film to be a big success,” he said

The film’s heroine and producer Pothireddy Hemalatha Reddy said, “We have made this film in a way that adults and lovers can understand, with the idea that no matter how many problems there are in the family, love should never be defeated. Happy to do a good movie with my favorite hero Suman, Bhanuchander, Suhasini, Shiaji Sinde, Kinnera. During the shooting time, the senior actors supported us like parents by giving us advice and suggestions without showing any differences. Along with them, we were able to complete the film with the support of director Govardhan and music director Raman. Fani, who helped us a lot in this movie, is going to direct my next movie,” he said. Director K Govardhan Rao, music director Ramana Rathore and other members of the film unit participated in the program and thanked the producer Hemalatha Reddy.

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