Prince Review: Prince Review.. Once again Jatiratnala director pleases the audience?

Good expectations have been formed on Prince in Telugu as well. Director Anudeep has shown an Indo-British love story in this movie starring Sivakarthikeyan. And how impressive is this.. Will this love story give a kick to our audience..?

Director Anudeep KV is trending in Tollywood with a single movie called ‘Jati Ratnalu’. Since it is a film from him, there are good expectations about Prince in Telugu as well. Director Anudeep has shown an Indo-British love story in this movie starring Sivakarthikeyan. And how impressive is this.. Will this love story give a kick to our audience..?

Review: Prince

Actors: Siva Karthikeyan, Maria Ryaboshapka, Sathyaraj, Premgi Amaran, Satish Krishnan, Anand Raj and others.

Editor: Praveen KL

Cinematography: Manoj Paramahamsa

Music: SS Thaman

Producers: Sunil Narang, Puskur Rammohan Rao, D. Suresh Babu

Written, Directed by: Anudeep KV


Anand (Shiva Karthikeyan) is a school teacher in Pondicherry. Although he is a school teacher by name, he has the mentality of a small child. He is the one who has to teach children.. he skips school and goes to movies. Anand’s father Veeratilakam Viswanatham (Satyaraj) was a famous person in the village. He easily falls for compliments. Anand is an even more innocent son of the innocent Vishwanath. Jessica (Maria Ryboshapka) comes into their life. As she joins as a school teacher, Anand falls in love at first sight. After telling his love, there will be quarrels in both the families. At the same time, Jessica’s father Williams loses his business and is in financial trouble. So he decides to sell his properties in India and go to Britain. But that space is occupied by Bhupathi (Prem Ji Amaran) here. Anand tries to free it. It is in this order that the father Vishwanath turns against his son Anand saying that he is insulting India. What happened after that.. How Indo British story ended is the story..


Comedy without content is no small thing. It takes a lot of talent. Perhaps Anudeep had too much of it. This director made me laugh out loud in ethnic gems without any story. Even if Prince doesn’t have orange smile, he almost did the same thing. The biggest plus point in his movies is that all the characters are not only very innocent but also behave in a funny way. That creates enough fun. The same thing happened in ethnic gems. Anudeep did the same here in Prince. First off is good here and there. But in the second half, Anudeep made us laugh out loud with his trademark comedy. Especially the dialogues are good. Speaking of which, the comedy with Satyadev and Sivakarthikeyan worked out well. It sounds like a serious story to tell.. but Anudeep has dealt with it in an entertaining manner. Whatever he does, whatever he writes, everything is for laughs, Prince. If you enjoy comedy without looking for logic, you will like this movie. Siva Karthikeyan and Maria’s love track is not very impressive. Otherwise Shiva’s actions to impress her are comedic. Interval is bang funny. In the second half, the director has pulled it off well without getting bored anywhere. The climax is hilariously written. Border.. This is the first time I have heard this word Sivakarthikeyan’s dialogue makes me scream. There are many such scenes in the movie. A prince will climb if you don’t look for logic. Another minus is that it is a dubbed movie.


Siva Karthikeyan impresses with his superb comedy timing. He also did dances and fights well. There are no such scenes in this movie to show emotion. Who would not expect that there is so much comedy in Sathyaraj. Anudeep played a heart-to-heart with an actor who played a character like Kattappa. Prem Ji Amaran and Maria’s characters are good. All the rest are ok..

Technical Team:

Thaman’s music doesn’t matter. The songs are good. Jessica Song in particular was overwhelmed. Manoj Paramahamsa’s cinematography is rich. Editing will be the first off week. It seems that some scenes can be removed there. There are some lag scenes. The second half is very sharp. As a director, Anudeep has once again shown his comedy skills.. The dialogues are good. Without any content.. He saw that the entire film should be directed only on comedy. Even if not in the Jati Ratnala range.. Anudeep has been successful here too.

Punch Line:
Prince.. No Logic.. Only Comedy Magic..

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