PriyaMani: Senior actress Priyamani’s divorce.. Is she the reason?

PriyaMani: Senior actress Priyamani's divorce.. Is she the reason?

PriyaMani: Divorce is on the rise in the industry these days. The stars are shocking the fans by announcing that they are breaking up with their partners. Already talking about Samantha-Naga Chaitanya divorce in Telugu. There are whispers in the industry that another senior beauty like Sam will get a divorce. That heroine is Priyamani. Bhama, who received the National Award in her first film, acted with all the star heroes in Telugu. She got married to Mustafa Raj while her career was at its peak and settled down. But since the marriage, Priya has been facing controversies. Mustafa got married earlier, his first wife, Priyamani, was blamed and criticized. However, this beauty who doesn’t care about anything is living happily with her husband.

, and started the second innings as a judge for a dance show on a TV channel.. Currently, she is busy with a series of films. From the last few days, there are reports that differences have arisen between the couple and they are going to Peaks and the couple is getting divorced. It is said that those differences are also due to Mustafa’s first wife. Priya and Mustafa couple are very close. Recently Priyamani attended a Bollywood party with her husband, all these news are all rumours. And to know which of these news is true, Priyamani has to open her mouth.

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