Puppet Pooja Hegde’s injury.. Fans are worried

Mudugumma.. Buttabomma.. Pooja Hegde who got recognition as a star heroine with consecutive hits from the beginning of her career. Movies like Acharya and Beast got flop talk but this toy craze is not going down. On the one hand, Pooja Hegde is also active on social media while being busy with movies. She keeps her fans happy by giving updates about herself from time to time.

But the fans are worried about Pooja Hegde’s latest post. Fans are getting tensed after posting a picture of him with an injured leg. This photo has gone viral on social media. Netizens are posting comments praying for Pooja’s speedy recovery. Others are making harsh comments saying what happened to Pooja Irene’s leg.

On the other hand, Pooja Hegde is currently busy with a series of opportunities in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi languages. She is acting in films like Circus, Bhaijaan in Hindi and Mahesh SSMB 28 in Telugu.

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