Rakul Preet Singh: ‘Only likes to watch movies like that’.. Rakul made interesting comments.. | Rakul Preet Singh interesting comments about being a theater lover rather than OTT Telugu Cinema News

I love thriller. But entertaining content is meant to be seen in theatres. Actually I want to watch the movie in the theater

Tollywood’s darling Rakul Preet Singh is now focusing on North. This Punjabi beauty has settled there for the past few days doing a series of Hindi films. Rakul, who was last seen in the Telugu movie Kondapolam, did not announce any project from Tollywood after that. Rakul, who is busy with a series of films in Beetown, recently told many interesting things about theatres, OTTs. In an interview with Bollywood Hungama, Rakul talked about her interests and content. She said that she knows how hard it is to make movies. That’s why she prefers to do movies in theaters. Also responding about the OTT content.. “I like thriller a lot. But entertaining content is meant to be seen in theatres. In fact, I want to watch the movie in the theater,” she said.

Not every movie that comes to the theater should be seen. But I like to watch some movies in theater as much as possible. Watching a great movie at home is not comparable to the theater screen. As a person from the film industry.. we know how hard it is to make a movie. Actors work less for a movie. But from assistant director to line men they work there for about 14-15 hours. She said that she wants to go to theaters and watch movies for them. Currently, Rakul is acting in the films Chhatriwali, Thank God and Doctor Ji. Besides, she will also act in Indian 2 movie.

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