Ram Charan has lost his mind on that heroine..!

There is no need to say anything special about the popular star hero Ram Charan in the Tollywood film industry.. Recently, he gained global recognition with RRR movie directed by Rajamouli, and now he has fans at the international level.. Ram Charan, who was busy in promotions for RRR movie until recently.. Now he is going to be a father. Knowing that, everyone congratulated him. Megastar Chiranjeevi also shared this with his fans that Upasana is going to give birth to a baby in August.

Meanwhile, a news related to the latest hero Ram Charan is now becoming viral. That is, the news that he has fallen in love with a heroine has now become a hot topic. After RRR everyone is saying that Ram Charan is their favorite.. But he is not saying who are Ram Charan’s favorite hero and heroines.. But Ram Charan who participated in an interview recently said that he has a special liking for some heroines.

Julia Roberts was the first person who attracted me. I was glued to the screen every time she appeared on TV. Is that called an obsession? or not Don’t know but she has some unknown specialty. I am her diehard fan. I fell in love with her after seeing her in ‘Pretty Woman’. I became a fan after seeing Katherine’s acting in ‘Entrapment’. I will never forget her. She acted in ‘The Mask’.. I like it a lot. Charan said that he started following her since then.

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