Ram Charan: If you see the Ram Charan craze in Japan, you have to say God..


Ram Charan: Mega power star Ram Charan needs no special mention. Although he was introduced to the industry as the son of a megastar, he rose to the top with his own efforts, and the name of Ram Charan, the son of Chiranjeevi, seemed to be Ram Charan’s father Chiranjeevi. Charan’s range has changed with the release of RRR in March. It is no exaggeration to see Charan as Ram Raja and the entire Bollywood started measuring him as Rama. What if only India talks about us? Director Rajamouli is releasing RRR in Japan. This movie is having a grand release in Japan on October 21.

RRR trilogy has already started promotions in Japan. Meanwhile, the Ram Charan craze in Japan is going crazy. The youth of Japan gave a grand welcome to Charan, holding the cutouts and photos of Rama Raju. Moreover, it is surprising that young Japanese women have learned Telugu and welcomed Mari Charan. “Greetings to all.. We like you very much Ram Charan.. We cordially invite you to Japan. “We are all love you”, the way he spoke in Telugu is impressive. Now these photos and videos have become viral. We have to wait for three more days to see the success of this movie which has shaken the whole of India in Japan.

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