Ram Charan: Ram Charan craze is not common in Japan.. Mega power star who is full of happiness after seeing those chocolates..

Ram Charan

Mega Power Star Ram Charan became a pan India star with Triple R directed by Rajamouli. With this movie, he gained a following not only across the country but also across the world. It is known that currently Charan is in Japan as a part of RRR movie promotional. Jakkanna, NTR, Charan three are conducting their film promotions. Our two heroes are surprised by the love shown by the Japanese. Charan and Tarak got emotional seeing their favorite heroes showing their love in various ways. Charan, who recently went to an international school in Japal as a guest, received beautiful gifts from his fans there. In this order, he was shocked to see the chocolates there.

Because there they are selling chocolates in the name of Charan. Charan was happy to see chocolates being sold in his name. The related photos were shared on social media. And while these photos are being circulated… fans are feeling happy to see the love of their hero abroad.

It is known that currently Charan is doing a film under the direction of pan India director Shankar. Kiara Advani is playing the female lead in this movie, which has a working title of RC 15. Dil Raju is producing this movie which is shooting fast.

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