Ram Gopal Varma: Garikapati’s eyes are all on you.. Varma’s video is viral

Ram Gopal Varma: Garikapati's eyes are all on you.. Varma's video is viral

Ram Gopal Varma: A Muhurtana Garikapati and Chiranjeevi expressed anger but since then his name has been trending on social media. Along with mega fans, netizens are also criticizing him. Ram Gopal Varma, the director of the controversies, came forward saying that I am also with them. Verma is at the forefront of sensationalizing any topic. And Garikapati has been bashing him on social media since last three days. He is criticizing him with tweets and videos. Recently, Garikapati posted a video in which he praised heroine Anushka and captioned it as “Oho Makukudana Bahu(Garika) Bali(Pati) Garu”.

And in that video, Garikapati said, “I saw that all these guys were looking at what was going on.. My gaze also stopped at one place. The mistake should be told.. She is not the great actress Anushka. It is standing like that.. a good pose.. We are poets, how can we just be.. Look from top to bottom. One day I was reading the paper and I was watching politics.. my son was studying for his degree.. he was sitting near my feet. I thought he was taking a bath and putting a stick on my legs.. No, he was looking at Anushka’s photo in the photo torch.. He was in the mood. I am in my trend. Before that, he is taking care of who needs it. When he asked why, Takkumani left. I saw what was going on.. I sent him but it didn’t catch our attention.. Now when he saw that photo, he was not wrong in looking at this girl.. If he was attracted to me, wouldn’t he be attracted to him..?” He said. Now this tweet has gone viral.

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