Ram Gopal Varma made sensational tweets on Prabhas..!!

At present there is no one who does not know about Ram Gopal Varma. Because now he is gaining craze not with his movies but with his tweets. No matter what issue comes up, he tweets in his own style and turns everyone towards him. He also promotes his movies with his tweets. If he has to say something strongly, he will choke others with his tweets without opening their mouths. Ram Gopal Varma has the talent to speak for or against anything.

Once again, Ram Gopal Varma tried to provoke the hero Prabhas and the fans with his tweets. Yesterday, on the occasion of Prabhas’ birthday, Prabhas responded in his usual style to the fuss made by his fans. During the release of Billa yesterday, a fire broke out in the theater as fans set off firecrackers inside the theater and some seats were burnt. RGV responded to this and tweeted that Prabhas fans are doing crazy things.

Also, another tweet made today on the occasion of Diwali directly targeted Prabhas. In his tweet, Prabhas posted that the movie Radheshyam would have been a bigger hit than Baahubali if it had been re-released. Currently, this post is doing the rounds on social media. Prabhas fans lashed out at Varma over this

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