Rashmi Gautham: Why did ‘Bomma blockbuster’?

Rashmi Gautham: Why did 'Bomma blockbuster'?

Rashmi Gautham: Nandu Vijaykrishna as the hero and Rashmi Gautham as the heroine is a film directed by Raj Virat, ‘Bomma Blockbuster’. This movie jointly produced by Praveen Pagadala, Bosubabu Nidumolu, Anand Reddy Maddi and Manohar Reddy is going to release on November 4. On this occasion, the trailer of the movie was released by director Maruthi and hero Siddu Jonnalagadda. Anantham Maruti said, “I saw this movie and it was very good. The audience will surely be entertained. I immediately called the director Virat and told him to make a film under our banner Next. Rashmi will also be a good heroine with this movie. “Producers who believe in the content and make the film will get good mileage,” he said. Another producer S.K.Yan said that the director Virat wants to stand as Mool Virat for the next generation. Hope expressed. Hero Siddu Jonnalagadda said.. I am busy writing the script of DJ Tillu Part 2, but I came for Nandu and Rashmi. Me, Nandu, Vishwak, Rashmi all started our career together ten years back. Then we were in a lot of trouble. Also Rashmi is my first co-star. Director Virat has the experience of making short films. They have also won awards. Also, there is a lot of craziness in the content of this movie,’ he said.

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Bosubabu, one of the producers of the film said.. ‘We shot this film in a small village near Vizag. Even though there were no facilities in that village, Nandu, Rashmi, other cast members and technicians helped a lot. The main reason why this movie is so good is the cooperation of all of them. Director Virat’s making is very good, music director Prashant Vihari has given music 100 times better than what we expected.’ Nandu said.. ‘I don’t have any background and all the audience supported and supported the movie ‘Sawari’. While shooting in a small town called Achyutapuram, where there was no house, Rashmika used to change her dress in a hut. She suffered a lot for the film. Just thanking him is not enough. Along with this film, the songs have come very well’, he said. Rashmika Gautham said.. ‘Raj believed the story told by Virat and Nandu came and told me. As he is producing it, I came forward to make the film. But after the shooting of Pathika Sath, Vijay Bhava Arts came and liked the content they had shot till then and took this movie to the next level with faith in Virat. Thank you Virat for trusting me and giving me such a good role. Music director Prashanth Vihari has given beautiful music. Director Raj Virat and music director Prashanth R. Vihari also participated in this program.

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