Rashmi giving mischievous shots alone..!!

There is no one who does not know Jabardasth Rashmi on Telugu television. On the one hand she was acting as a heroine in many movies and on the other hand she was busy with many shows while anchoring. But recently Rashmi has been away from movies. And on social media, there is always some kind of response. Recently celebrated Diwali. She also organized pooja programs at her house and shared the related photos on social media. But it looks like Rashmi posed for the photos as if she was doing it alone.

While wishing the fans on Diwali, Rashmi made a wish to tie the fans in a traditional look. The latest photos shared by Rashmi are also becoming very viral on social media. In the shared photos we can see him kissing his pet dog.

Regarding that, comments are being made that Rashmika has a lot of romantic desires. Some people are commenting that the dog is lucky.

And Rashmi is pleasing the audience by acting in romantic scenes in the movies as well. It can be said that the glamor of Rashmika has not diminished as she has grown older. Currently, Rashmi is doing three TV shows. She is acting as an anchor for Jabardasth, Extra Jabardasth, Sridevi Drama Company. This cutie is getting a huge remuneration. Currently, these photos related to Rashmi are becoming viral.

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