Ravi Teja’s ‘Pyaar Lona Pagal’ promo release from ‘Ravanasura’

Ravi Teja, who got super duper success with Dhamaka and Waltheru Veeraiya, is now coming to the audience with Ravanasura. Ravi Teja, who looted 100 crores with Dhamaka and 200 crores with Waltheru Veeraya, the market has increased tremendously. Therefore expectations are high on Ravanasura movie. Fans think that Ravi Teja will be seen in negative shades in this movie. It seems to think so because of the small glimpses of the video, the presence of more blood, the presence of none other than Ravi Teja, and the name of the film being Ravanasura. A recent update from Ravanasura.

So far Ravanasura Anthem has been released from this movie. Now the stage is set for the release of the second single. Chitraunit has released the promo of the song ‘Pyaar Lona Pagal’ from this movie. It has been revealed that the full song will be released on 18th of this month. This movie will release on April 7. However, Ravi Teja’s fans, who are already riding high with successive successes, have high expectations on ‘Ravanasura’.

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