Renu Desai: Dear Bold and Beautiful.. Get Well Soon .. Over the Tides | Renu Desai reveals suffering from heart and health issues Pens a courageous post Netizens Wishes Her Speedy Recovery Telugu Film news

Sweetness in words… Vibrancy in hands… Development in personality… She owns it. That’s why she stood firm despite the circumstances. Walked straight ahead. But.. why it stopped for a moment. Why me, she asked herself. What happened to Powerstar’s former life partner Renudesai?

Totally she is bold and beautiful. Renu Desai is a colorful celebrity with a rare personality and broad outlook. Although she is a Marathi woman by birth, there are no people in Telugu states who do not know her name. Her craze as a Powerstar life companion is different. Renu Desai, who was introduced to the Telugu cinema audience less than a year ago… and then became a Telugu daughter-in-law… changed her carafe to Bhagyanagara… along with her professional life, there are many ups and downs in her married life. Thus it became a habit for her. Now Renudesai has once again made the hearts of fans heavy with a profound message.

Renu has revealed the top secrets about her illness that only her closest friends know about. Her post on Insta saying that she has been suffering from a heart related disease for years… She is not getting the strength to face it now… has gone viral. If someone is suffering like me, the purpose of this post is to fill them with courage and positive energy, said Renudesai. Do not lose heart under any circumstances. Stand strong… this world has many surprises planned for us. The inspirational words written by her saying let’s wait for them with a smile are moving the netizens.

Whether taking treatment… using medicines… doing yoga. Taking good nutrition. Get well soon and participate in the shooting… Renu Desai said without mentioning his illness and its severity. If we look at the diagnostic equipment on her back… we can understand the health condition of Renu. Currently, Renu is running with a Holter monitor. Safety Holter monitor… Under what conditions do doctors refer it… started inquiring deeply. A Holter monitor is a device that measures the rhythm of the heart. This device, which is placed on the chest for 24 hours, can continuously record the heartbeat. Even if the heart rhythm is lost or the beating speed is reduced, it is easily known in this.


ECG, echo, treadmill, angiogram are the basic tests done to know about heart health. Even if everything seems to be normal after doing all this, there is a chance of heart attack due to internal problems. Clots and holes remain inside the heart and become dangerous. To prevent it, doctors install a 24-hour Holter monitor on the patient’s chest and keep an eye on the heart. The same is happening to Renudesai. Close friends say that Renudesai has many risk factors that lead to heart disease, even if she is not diabetic or high blood pressure, and the mental stress she is going through has made her suffer from heart disease. It is not known how many days she has been struggling with this problem, but her followers are watching her efforts to get rid of stress. The kids go on outings with Akira and Adya… busy with their favorite movie making.

Recently, a short film was made on the problems of Annadata. He also directed another short film called Ishqwala. Renudesai, who also appeared as a host of a television show, is going to start a new innings as an artist by acting in Tiger Nageswara Rao’s movie with Ravi Teja. Meanwhile… the news of her falling ill… is shaking the film and social circles. Kaman Renu… Get well soon, her near and dears are screaming with messages.

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