Renu Desai: Pawan Kalyan didn’t give me chilly gava.. Renu’s post is creating a sensation

Renu Desai: Pawan Kalyan didn't give me chilly gava.. Renu's post is creating a sensation

Renu Desai: Power star Pawan Kalyan is currently busy with movies on one side and politics on the other. Especially in the recently held meeting in Mangalagiri, Janasena leader Pawan Kalyan gave a powerful speech. Boothu also spoke expressing his anger more than ever. Besides, he also gave a stern warning to YCP. Three marriages have been done.. They say that three marriages have been done.. You should also do three marriages.. Two of them could not make it.. I divorced.. The first wife was given Rs. They said that I have given 5 crores.. I have written the rest of the property to the second wife. But trollers are once again digging Renu Desai’s previous words on his maintenance. Ever since Renu broke up with Pawan, she has been saying the same thing about maintenance. In many interviews, she openly stated that she did not take even a single rupee from Pawan.

“I didn’t even take a chilli from Pawan Kalyan.. I took two children and came out. Such is my personality.” She said. After that, Renu also denied the news that Pawan Kalyan gave Renu a big bungalow as a gift to Akira. A man’s true asset is his self-respect.. A man’s true asset is his honesty… A man’s true asset is his existence… Don’t you know this? She said. Besides, I think the person who wrote this news was born to one mother.. She became emotional saying that another mother should not be hurt like this. Now these old posts have gone viral. Pawan who said that he wrote the entire property .. Renu who said that he did not even give chilligavva .. Fans are scratching their heads as to which of them is true. If what Pawan said is true.. this matter is coming out at least once. So far there is no record anywhere that she has been given money or property. Why did Pawan say all this? It is to be known why Renu is not accepting all that if she has given it.

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