RGV: On Pawan Kalyan’s speech.. RGV sensational comments


At that time, uh.. that is, Verma was talking about Pawan Kalyan.. After many days, the topic of Pawan Kalyan was raised again. Tell Patti.. He made a series of tweets about the warning speech given to the YCP leaders. He wrote in his tweet that he has not heard a speech with such an impact since 100 years. Moreover, in another tweet, Varma wrote that Pawan gave a speech that moved people and penetrated directly into their hearts. Verma also mentioned a word in his tweet that this is called vitriolic rhetoric. And Verma… … after many days… when he made some incomprehensible tweets on Pawan… at first the soldiers were a bit confused. But as it is known that those tweets are praising Pawan…now these tweets are being made viral. Others are making funny memes as if they have said something sensational.

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