Ritika Singh having a dinner party in short knickers.. Photos are viral..!!

Ritika Singh, who was introduced to the Telugu screen as a boxer with the movie Guru, got huge popularity with her first movie. With beauty and acting, the boy is hooking the car. Ringu is doing something with Ringula’s hair. Ritika Singh, who gained recognition as a heroine in Anathi’s time, has been acting in languages ​​like Telugu, Tamil and Hindi. Apart from being an actress, Ritika Singh also showed her mettle as a player in the Asian Indoor Games and Super Fight League in 2009. After that, Ritika Singh acted in a Tamil movie called Iruduchutra in 2012 and scored good marks.

She acted in the movie Guru with Venkatesh and proved that she is no less in acting. In this movie, Ritika stole the hearts of the audience with her perfect physique in martial arts. Apart from glamor roles, D also played glamor roles and impressed. She turned into a busy artist by receiving successive opportunities.

On the other hand, social media is raving about the boy’s car. Captures her hot beauty on camera and captures the hearts of boys.

By posting something on social media, she tries to keep in touch with her fans. Ritika Singh recently shared her grammar photos on social media. Even the boys are sweating after seeing these photos. In this, Thais are showing their beauty in a short knicker. Currently, these photos shared by Ritika are becoming viral on social media.

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