Roja is a girl.. Vikram is a boy.. soon??

Roja's Daughter

Rosa..! She impressed everyone as a heroine. She created a resound as a politician. At present as MLA.. Raffada. After all, he has created a brand for himself.. a craze. And now, as his successor, his daughter Anshu Malika is going to be introduced to the film industry. They are planning to pair up with Kollywood’s young hero Son. They are going to give us a movie in their combo. S! Chiyan Vikram, who earned a name as a star hero in South India with his versatile acting, recently introduced his son Dhruv to Kollywood. With the remake of Arjur Reddy.. there he stood as a hero. And now they are trying to launch it in Telugu as well. Like him, his son also wants to impress the Tollywood audience.

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