Rotation method is not enough for us .. BCCI should think again: Former India captain criticisms | Indian cricket team adapting a much debated policy says Team India Former Skipper Kapil Dev

Rotation method is not enough for us .. BCCI should think again: Criticisms of former India captain

Kapil Dev

India Vs New Zealand: It is well known that Indian cricket adopts a rotation approach to reduce the workload of its players. However, the iconic player Kapil Dev reacted on the rotation method. The Indian cricket team has been immersed in busy cricket throughout the year. With this the term workload management on players has always been important. There is no shortage of talent in India. Youngsters are also getting ready to play international cricket. With nearly 50 players ready to play international cricket, the rotation approach has become an attractive option. But is it enough for Indian cricket? Suspicions are being expressed that.

“I am not sure about the rotation mechanism. I think the BCCI officials have made a decision on this. However it should not be a one-man way of thinking. Players, a team of BCCI officials should sit down and talk about the rotation method. It remains to be seen what the consequences will be for changing players like this, ”said former India captain Kapil.

Indian cricket once underwent a rotation system under the captaincy of MS Dhoni when India toured Australia in 2012 to play the VB Tri-Series. There have been mixed reactions to this. In that tri-series with Sri Lanka and host Australia, Team India with Virender Sehwag, Sachin Tendulkar and Gautam Gambhir rotated the top three positions.

Recently, the England cricket team suggested a rotation policy. Their India tour earlier this year was very important. It has received a lot of criticism. As Kapil said, the rotation player is very confusing and there is also a risk of losing form.

“What if Rohit and Kohli have to be dropped in the final? Many criticisms will come. That is why this rotation mechanism is beyond me. Players must be brought into the ring in one place if they believe. This is the right way, “said Kapil.

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