RRR Movie: ‘This is an honor for the country.. Thanks to everyone’.. Rajamouli on Hollywood Critics Association stage.. | Director Rajamouli Speech In Hollywood Film Critics Association Awards Event In America For RRR Win 4 HCA Awards telugu cinema news

It won in the categories of Best Stunts, Best Action Movie, Best Original Song and Best International Film at the prestigious HCA Awards.

Not to mention the sensation created by the Triple R movie directed by Dharshakadhirudu Rajamouli. Apart from Indian movie buffs, foreigners are also impressed by this movie. A periodical action drama, the film has received an excellent response across the world. Moreover.. this film which has already received the Golden Globe.. Critic’s Choice Awards.. has now won in all four categories simultaneously. The film has been recognized at the Hollywood Film Critics Association Awards ceremony in California, USA. It won the prestigious HCA Awards in the categories of Best Stunts, Best Action Movie, Best Original Song and Best International Film. Once again the triple R movie has reaped the rewards on the international stage, leaving behind the foreign films.

Director Rajamouli and Megapower star Ram Charan received these awards together. Later, Rajamouli said that this is a rare honor for the country. Thanks to all members of Hollywood Critics Association who supported RRR movie. Thanks to everyone who worked hard for this film. First of all, I have to thank my choreographers who worked very hard to perform the stunts in this film. Thanks to the stunt master Juzi who worked hard especially for the climax action sequence. Thanks to all the other choreographers who came to India and understood our vision. They changed their working style to suit our working style. That’s why they provided more than expected.

Dupes were done only in one or two scenes in this movie. All other action scenes were done by Ram Charan and NTR together. They both worked hard. Thanks to my entire team. We made this movie after 320 days of hard work. Most of it involves stunts. This recognition is not only for me.. for my country.. but also for the Indian film industry. This award motivates us even more. We made this film with a team of around 600 and sometimes more than 2000 artists. Thanks to all of them,” said Rajamouli.

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