Salman is lucky because of that.. What film can be made without it!

Needless to say, this Bollywood hero, who is recognized as a muscular man, is not all over the world. Sallu Bhai, who shone on the Telugu screen in ‘Godfather’…tells his preferences…

Love the color black I have always loved the color black. That’s why whenever I go shopping, I buy mostly black shirts, t-shirts, kurta, etc. People at home believe that they are not 100% black and their shades without asking why they bought it again. I like to wear what I buy whenever I like regardless of the occasion.

I don’t know why people buy it.. I can’t stop buying soaps when I see them. Especially when I see soaps made with natural products, I buy all kinds of flavors and put them in my bathroom. So there are many soaps in my bathroom that have not been used yet.

Then I will talk to the fans even though I have faced many failures as an actor. Actually they are difficult to tolerate but I try to get out of it quickly. When faced with failures… my past situation, my current level, my identity, where I went wrong… I think about all aspects and correct myself. Similarly, if someone is criticizing or trolling me, try to come out of the house and talk to the fans who want to see me at least once. When I say that – what are those criticisms in front of my identity?

A must have bracelet.. Some years ago my father gave me a bracelet as a gift. Ever since I put on that silver bracelet studded with precious stones, I felt lucky. That’s why I don’t want to make any kind of film.

Salman’s favorite food is dal, rajma masala and biryani. Favorite actors.. Sylvester Stallone, Hema Malini. If Salman hadn’t entered films… he would have been a writer, painter and swimmer. Lovely is our farmhouse in Panvel.

When I get free time… when there is no shooting… I go to our farmhouse in Panvel. Cycling, swimming, painting, playing games, exercising…flying kites…whatever I want to do in that farmhouse in the middle of the forest.

Salman Khan in Shankar Ram Charan Combo movie

Not a single opportunity came I did not get a single opportunity for almost a year after I once did ‘Maine Pyaar Kiya’. At that time it was very hectic and stressful. Finally, one day my father… an advertisement was placed in the magazine saying that I was working for a famous producer. Movies started coming out with that. Some of them are made as second hero. I used to say OK to every film that came then with the intention of not being empty until I got recognition.

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