Samantha: Samantha ready to scare once again.. But this time…


Samantha has been away from social media for the past few days. Sam, who was always buzzing about photoshoots, chit chats, is now silent. Currently, the tribe is busy participating in the shootings of Yashodha and Khushi films. The already released movie posters and glimpses have increased interest in the movie. This is not only Tollywood.. Sam is going to be busy in Bollywood. Currently she has two Hindi projects in hand. One of them is a web series. Acting with Varun Dhawan. It is known that Sam is learning martial arts for this series. Apart from this series, Samantha is acting in another movie. Ayushmann Khurrana is playing the lead role.

Sam is going to play a dual role in this film, which is coming with a folk story in the backdrop of Rajasthan. One of these is Rajput as Rani.. the other as Atma. But Samantha is no stranger to acting as a soul. She also played the role of Sam Atma in Raju Gari Kadhi 2 earlier. But this movie did not hit as much as expected. This movie is directed by Amar Kaushik. Sakunthalam starring Sam is already ready for release. This movie, which is completing the shooting and post-production work, will soon be released before the audience.

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