Samantha: What happened to Samantha?? This happened suddenly??


What happened to Samantha? Has this suddenly changed? Thinking that.. it is more pressing to inquire. But Samantha is the only reason to think so… to inquire. That photo is going viral at present. Samantha is very attractive to look at.. smiling.. beautiful.. impressive.. but in that photo she looks very skinny.. with a body like Dheela Padi.. with a changed face.. with a mask on that face.. with big glasses.. she looks shocking. Disturbing his fans and followers. After many days, Sam came out fresh. During the Onam festival.. during the teaser of her movie Yashoda… she visited a Vedic school in Hyderabad. Took the blessings of Vedic scholars. But Nettinta’s photos went viral.. Sam looked shocking in those photos.. His fans and followers started asking what happened to Samantha. That photo is going viral.

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